Maya Angelou-Keel

Maya Angelou is a very great and revolutionary writer of our time. She was born in 1928 on April fourth in St. Louise Missouri. She was raised in St.Louise,Missouri and Stamps,Arkansas. While in Stamps she received brutal racism, but she also learned about the traditional african american family ,culture, and community. When she was a teen her love for arts got her a scholarship to study drama and dance in Francisco’s Labor school. In 1954 to 1955 she took a tour of Europe, while producing the opera Porgy and Bess. In 1958 she joined the Harlem Writers guild, and acted in an off-broadway performance. She is still alive today.  Maya Angelou is celebrated poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist. She met Malcolm X while in Ghana. Soon after she arrived in the U.S Malcolm X was assassinated. She studied and learns five languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and the West African language Fanti.

In the poem I know why the caged bird sings she talks about how freedom is precious by comparing a free bird and a caged bird.

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Langston Hughes

Born February 1 , 1902: Joplin, Missouri

Died:May 22, 1962

             As a small child Langston’s parents divorced. He then was raised by his grandmother until the age of thirteen. Then he moved to Lincoln, Illinois; that Hughes began writing poetry. Hughes spent  a year at Mexico. Following his graduation, he also spent a year at Columbia University. When he was at Columbia (during that years) he spent most of his time working odd jobs. He was often an assistant cook, laundy boy and a busboy. He then travelled to Africa and Europe working as a seaman. Hughes then moved to Washington D.C. , where his poetry book “The Weary Blues” was published. “The Weary Blues” was published by Alfred A. Knopf. Three years later, he finished his college education at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Hughes first novel which was “Not Without Laughter”. This first novel won the Harmon gold medal for literature. Langston was also known for writing novels, short stories and plays, as well as poetry

Rupert Brooke-Dunlap

Rupert Chawner Brooke

Born:  1887

died: 1915

Rupert was very smart in academics and athletics.  He enrolled in his fathers school at the age of fourteen.  Only just a year later he went to King’s College, Cambridge.  he was known for good looks, charm, good intellect.

During college he befriended Winston Churchill.  When he got out of college he enrolled in the in the navy.  he did not see that much action.  while he was on duty he wrote a poem called sequence 1914.  also while he was duty he was bit by a mosquito that had a disease that eventually killed him in 1915.


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Paul Laurence Dunbar- Luis Rodriguez

Paul Laurence Dunbar was the first African-American poet to garner national acclaim. Born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1872, he wrote a large body of dialect poems, standard English poems, essays, novels and short stories before he died at the age of 33.

 His work often addressed the difficulties encountered by members of his race and the efforts of African-Americans to achieve equality in America. He was praised both by the prominent literary critics of his time and his literary contemporaries.

Paul was born on June 27, 1872, to Matilda and Joshua Dunbar, both Kentucky natives. His mother was a former slave and his father had escaped from slavery. His father served in the 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and the 5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War.

Matilda and Joshua had two children before separating in 1874. Matilda also had two children from a previous marriage. His family was poor, and after his father left, his mother supported her children by working in Dayton as a washerwoman.

Paul’s family had little wealth, Matilda, always a great support to Paul as a literary stature grew. He heard poems read by the family

Having heard poems read by the family she worked for when she was a slave, Matilda loved poetry and encouraged her children to read. Dunbar was inspired by his mother, and he began reciting and writing poetry as early as age 6.

Rupert Brooke – Arreola

Born: August 3,1887 in Rugby,Warwickshire

Died: April 13,1915 at the age of twenty seven at the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London


Robert Chawner Brooke was the son of the Rugby School’s house master. At the age of fourteen, he attended Rugby, a boarding school where he studied Latin and Greek and began to write poems. He was good at athletics and academics and he won the school poetry prize in 1905 and went to King’s College a year later. He had an interest in acting and was president of University Fabian Society. Brooke’s poems were published in 1909 and his first book “Poems” appeared in 1911. Brooke was in love with three women even though he had love troubles. None of the relationships lasted long and after his third relationship failed, he went to England to travel in France and Germany.

He compiled an anthology entitled “Georgian Poetry” in 1912. Critics thought his poetry were f some events leading up to World War I. Brooke traveled again after having a mental breakdown in 1913. He spent several months in Canada, America, and the South seas. He wrote some of his best poems while on his trip in the South Seas which included “The Great Lover” and “Tiare Tahiti”

 Brooke decided to return to England in the spring of 1914, a few months before World War I began. Brooke volunteered for the service and joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. While in war, he decided to write five sonnets titled “nineteen fourteen”. He ended his sonnets with “The Soldier” his most famous and openly patriotic poem. In the poem, he imagines his death and accepts it as a noble sacrifice for his country.
His sonnets instantly became famous when he returned. When he died, William Ralph Inge read his poem “The Soldier” at his funeral. His death was felt throughout Europe and a man named Eder stated “Brooke’s war sonnets perfectly captured the mood of the moment”.
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Langston Hughes – Herron

 Born: February 1, 1902

Death:  May 22, 1967

The son of teacher Carrie Langston and James Nathaniel Hughes, James Mercer “Langston” Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri. His father abandoned the family.He left for Cuba, then Mexico, due to enduring racism in the United States. Young Langston was left to be raised by his grandmother in Lawrence, Kansas. After his grandmother’s death, he went to live with family friends. Due to an unstable early life, his childhood was not a happy one, but it intensely influenced the poet he would become. Later, he lived again with his mother in Lincoln, Illinois, who had remarried. During high school, he wrote for the school newspaper, edited the yearbook, and began to write short stories, poetry, and dramatic plays. His first piece of jazz poetry was “When Sue Wears Red”. 

  • In 1930, Langston Hughes won the Golden Harmon award
  • Langston Hughes was a great African american
  • Langston Hughes received the Anisfield-Wolf Award in 1953
  • One of the most prestigious awards Hughes received was the NAACP’s Springarn Medal


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Langston Hughes-Soto

Born: February 1, 1996


902 in Death

Childhood:  While Langston Hughes lived with his grandmother, however, she was old and didn’t have alot of money and was unable to give Hughes the attention he needed. When Langston Hughes’s grandma died, his mother granted him to her home in Lincoln, Illinois.

Family:  Hughes felt hurt by both his mother and his father, and was unable to understand why he was not allowed to live with either of them. These feelings of rejection caused him to grow up very insecure and unsure of himself. Soon his step-father and mother moved on, this time to Chicago, but Hughes stayed in Cleveland to finish high school.

Poet’s life experiences: His writing talent was recognized by his high school teachers and classmates, and Hughes had his first pieces of verse published in the Central High Monthly, a sophisticated school magazine. Soon he was on the staff of the Monthly, and publishing in the magazine regularly.

Writing Career:  After he graduated highschool, Hughes decided to return to Mexico to visit with his father, in order to try to convince him that he should pay for his  college education at Columbia University in New York City. Hughes wrote the famous poem, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers.” In 1942, Hughes began writing a part for the African-American newspaper, the Chicago Defender.

Awards and honors:

Harmon Gold Medal for Literature (1930)
Guggenheim Fellowship (1935)
Honorary Doctor of Letters, Lincoln University (1943)
NAACP Spingarn Medal (1960)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (1961)


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langston hughes-c maldonado!

Langston Hughes.  Born February 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri-May 22, 1967.  His parents divorced when he was a child, his father moved to Mexico, while he was raised by his grandma until he was thirteen.  Then went to live in Lincoln, Illinois to live with his mom, and her husband.  Langston started writing poetry when he lived in Illinois, then later settled in Cleveland, Ohio with his mom and her husband.  During graduation,  he spent a year in Mexico, and a year at Columbia University then in  november 1924 went to Washington D.C.  He had  odd jobs to support himself through his travels.  In 1926 his first poem book, THE WEARY BLUES, was published.  Three years,  later he finished his college education in Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.  Then in 1930 he won the Harmon gold medal of literature, for his first novel, Not Without laughter.  Sadly, in May 22, 1967 died of prostate cancer. His memory still lives on today.  What really caught my attention about Langston was his  poem DREAMS.  It encouraged me to continue my journey and never give up.

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Maya Angelou-Cushing

Maya Angelou

Born: April 4, 1928

Died: Still alive

Current age: 83

Maya Angelou is known as one of the most renowned, and influential voices of our time. She was born in St. Louis Missouri on April 4th 1928. At the age of fourteen, she dropped out of San Francisco Labor school during her studies on dance and drama; she earned a scholarship to do so.

She went on with her life, and graduated highschool. A few weeks later, after graduating she gave birth to her son “Guy.” To support her son she took up two jobs as a waitress, and a cook. Maya had one sibling, Bailey and she was married twice, to Tosh Angelos, and Paul De Feu. Her parents divorced when she was at the young age of three.

Years later Maya’s writing career began, she joined the Harlem Writers Guild and became involved in black activism. “Maya Angelou’s five-volume autobiography commenced with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in 1970.” ” Angelou has been invited by successive Presidents of the United States to serve in various capacities.”

Maya Angelou is an extremely successive poet, and has influenced many lives around the world today!


William Shakespeare Serrato

Born: April 23 1564 Stratford death April  25 1616


William Shakespeare life was hard he had 7 brothers and sisters  and only 5 survive out of 8. When he was five or four he was very poor but then later that seem to change when he went to school and king school a very good school that he went  to start his great life. Then he learn latin and greek in school that was hard six days a week for him.It was hard for education for. He had 3 children  name Susanna,then two twins Annae and william. Then he had all of them baptism after or close to there births. His life experiences was mostly in his work that he live in his plays the he made and the death of his family that did not survive. Then he career in London that help him a lot. Then he had been call the best literature poet of the time. That was career to be a great writer poet all over europe. Then the awards he had not won any awards but he did get honors like  romeo  and juliet  and also the mid Summers Night Dream. Those were some plays that he had made.

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