My papas waltz – Salinas

Adrian Salinas

Ms. Nelson

English Period 3

March 1, 2012

Theodore Roethke

            In the poem ‘‘ My Papa’s Waltz ” by Theodore Roethke, the poet uses figurative language such as similes, metaphors, and personification to creat the theme that is child abuse cannot be tolerated even if you are drunk.

Theodore Roethke was abused physically by his dad. He says “your breath can make a small boy dizzy” because his dad might have hit him and made him dizzy. He uses a metaphor in this because ehe is comparing the whiskey on his breath to the dizziness of the boy.

Theodore had a rough life as a child. He says “ My mother’s countenance could not unfrown itself ” because she did not like the fact that his dad was hitting him for no reason. In this part, he uses personification because he is saying the countenance is being used as a action of a human wich is the frown.

After Theodore’s beating he had to go to bed still holding on to his t-shirt. “ You waltz me off to bed still clinging to your shirt”. He was still getting beat even after he was done in the room. Waltzing off to bed means that his dad walbroken mirror 3ked him off to bed while getting beat.

See if your drinking irresponsibly you can possibly injure your child especially if you have an anger problem. So lets fight for the kids who are being abused physically or mentally especially if the person isn’t drunk.




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