Destroying of Traditions-Pharn

Alex Pharn
Ms. Nelson
English 3rd Period
February 3, 2012 
                                                                                                   Destroying of Traditions
What would the world be without tradition? In this poem, the unknown author is saying that the world is destroying tradition through religion, ignorance, and flaws of society. The author has a serious attitude towards his/her readers. The poet uses figurative language such as metaphors, and repetition.

People don’t believe in God anymore. In this quote from the poem, the poet says, “In a world where athiest soar you would think that God hated us more for making us poor.” People think God is to blame for making us poor but were doing this to ourselves. The poet uses rhyme to prove their point by using it in this quote, too: “In a world where athiest soar you would think that God hated us more for making us poor.”  The words soar, more, and poor are rhymes to strengthen the poem’s meaning.
Ignorance is a problem in our world. “Because men with criminal intentions claim the lord as their witness when hate is the real drug that supports their addiction.” The criminals are ignorant of what’s really going on in the world and instead use hate to fuel their actions. The poet uses a metaphor in this half quote “when hate is the real drug” to show hate spreads around and becomes addictive like a real drug.
People are disobeying the laws with no intentions. “Pass the grass as ashes fall to the asphalt and fault is passed off to the past flaws of society.” People are using drugs to pass time other than doing an activity that doesn’t involve the use of drugs. The poet uses repitition with the words pass, and grass to show the theme of destroying tradition.
Our current culture is destroying our old traditions of life. People nowadays use drugs, commit crimes, and are ignorant of the world. The author of this poem is trying to inform people about the problems of our society. Where will this lifestyle lead us to?


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