dreams essay maldonado!

Carlos Maldonado
Ms. Nelson period 3       Response to “dreams” by Langston Hughes.
      In the poem “dreams” by Langston Hughes, the poet uses metaphors to create a theme that shows you to never give up on your dreams.He shows this by quotes, which I will demonstrate throughout this essay.
    One way he shows this, is by the quote in the third line first stanza. “Life is a broken winged bird,“ it reads. Using a metaphor to  compare a dream and a broken winged bird to describe how a forgotten dream is as worthless a broken winged bird. What Langston is trying to tell us is to never give up on our dreams, they  are your wings to get to our destiny.
    Next he explains that we need to hang on to our dreams. “Hold fast to your dreams” it says. The poet is saying don’t let your dreams surpass you, hang on to them. The message here is Don’t let your dreams go! Never forget about them and continue to try your best to accomplish them. Which brings me to my next point.
    Lastly the end of the of the poem explains why we need to hold on to our dreams. “For when dreams go/Life is a barren field/Frozen with snow,” it reads. Using a metaphor to explain broken dreams to a barren field of snow to show the negativity of a dream, that has forgotten, or not accomplished.  The final message is once you give up on your dream, life is meaningless, there is no longer anything that keeps you motivated to continue on your journey, now that there longer any hope.
   I’d like to conclude this essay revealing  the theme of this poem, which is never give on your dreams. Throughout this poem it explain why we need to hold on to dreams and what happends when we don’t. Which is why we need to continue to continue to live on our dreams. I found the theme by understanding the metaphors that Langston used in the poem to explain his message. I really liked this poem and hope you enjoy it as well.

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