colors serrato

The color red is like blood

The white cloud sneezes

The green grass grows

The blue sea glows

The color purple is good jam

The black shadows in the dark

The orange fruit is sweet

The yellow sun is bright

The brown desk for work

The pink flower grows today

The gray sky moods the day

The violet paper is written on

The color gold is bright in rich

The ruby shoe shines color

The emerald rock is in value


Shall I compare Thee to a Summer Day- Serrato

Miguel Serrato
English 3 Period
February 13,2012
                                             Shall I compare Thee to a Summer Day
    William Shakespeare uses metaphors, alliteration and rhyme scheme to describe his poem. For example,in the metaphor is compares two things someone and summer day. Then in the alliteration it uses the words fair from fair. Then the rhyme scheme is shade to fade in a summer.William Shakespeare used metaphors ,rhyme scheme and alliteration to create the theme theme is nature is more than it seems.
  First of all,the author uses metaphors. In the following quote, the author illustrates someone and a summer day.From this quote,we can see that he like someone that beautiful to the summer day.The author uses this example of a metaphor to show how great this person must be.The author use metaphors to say that u look like a summer day.
  Initially,the author uses alliteration to illustrate fair from fair like someone one that not fair.For example,in this quote,the author shows alliteration with someone that unfair. This quote illustrates the idea that author meant to do was something else. Clearly,the author made the choice to use alliteration to help the reader have a better idea of the poem. The author uses alliteration to see how far from someone he loves.
  To begin,one example of rhyme scheme occurs in stanza one. In the following quote,the author illustrates the shade and fade in a day of may.From this quote,we can see that in summer day will fade in the shade. As you can see,the theme is shown by this example of a rhyme scheme. The had use a rhyme scheme to help gets the reader attention.
William Shakespeare uses three or more figurative language example metaphor,alliteration and rhyme scheme for this poem. For metaphor he compare two things a person and a bright summer day. Then alliteration he use it for where is that person from where, Then rhyme scheme for how a summer day turn dark and the end of the day. the author use metaphors,alliteration and rhyme scheme to give the readers a good poem.

William Shakespeare Serrato

Born: April 23 1564 Stratford death April  25 1616


William Shakespeare life was hard he had 7 brothers and sisters  and only 5 survive out of 8. When he was five or four he was very poor but then later that seem to change when he went to school and king school a very good school that he went  to start his great life. Then he learn latin and greek in school that was hard six days a week for him.It was hard for education for. He had 3 children  name Susanna,then two twins Annae and william. Then he had all of them baptism after or close to there births. His life experiences was mostly in his work that he live in his plays the he made and the death of his family that did not survive. Then he career in London that help him a lot. Then he had been call the best literature poet of the time. That was career to be a great writer poet all over europe. Then the awards he had not won any awards but he did get honors like  romeo  and juliet  and also the mid Summers Night Dream. Those were some plays that he had made.

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