“Dreams” by Langston Hughes – Torres

Jose Torres

Ms. Nelson

English 3 Period

February 13, 2012

                                                                                                       “Dreams” by Langston Hughes

Have you ever wondered why poets use literary devices in there poems? In the poem “dream” by Langston Hughes,Langsthon uses metaphors, personification and idioms. Hughes used the literary devices to get to the theme “keep aiming for your dreams.”
 In the line ” Life is a broken winged bird”, Hughes used a metaphor. What he meant is that life I pointless without dreams. What helped to get to the point was birds are meant to fly with a broken wing it issues hopeless. Hughes expressed the thought using metaphors. 
   Hughes also showed idioms in his poem. The line “, hold fast to dreams” Hughes wrote included idioms. The idiom means; keep believing on your dreams. Dreams slip away when not cared for. Hughes used idioms to make the line more entertaining.
    He also used personification in the line ” for if dreams die”. The line ” for if dreams die” is a personification because dreams never dies. What Hughes meant is that dreams fade if you give up on them. Hughes used personification to pinpoint the theme.
    The importance of the theme is you shouldn’t give up on your goals just because you come upon a disaster. You should always keep trying until you reach your goal.The poet used the literary devices to get to the theme ;that “keep aiming for your dreams.”



Maya Angelou

born:april 4th 1928louis , missouri

died:still living  

        When young she experienced racism.  she was san francisco first african – american female cable car conductor. In 1954 and 1955 ,r.Angelou toured europe with a production of the opera porgy and bess.as a teenager , dr.angelou’s love for the arts won her a scholarship to study dance at san francisco labor school.angelou knew martin Luther king.  martin Luther king  was assassinated on maya’s birthday.dr.angelou has received over 30 awards for her work .Dr.angelou  work still steer the world.